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:: Video 43 :: #CF-5

4 Way Elimination

From the Chick Fight card...

normal video size at 320x240

Shot UP CLOSE at ringside!

Wow! Talk about action! That's what you get when you put Chrstie Ricci, Hailey Hatred, Candice Lerae and Hailey Hatred in a ring together!

Only 1 can emerge victorious... who will it be???

The match is 12 minutes and is shot up close from right at the ring apron. No l-o-n-g wide angle shots here! Size is 320x240 internet standard

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Just 8.95! :: 37 Megs :: 12 Minutes

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This video was shot 'up close and personal' from ringside. No long wide angle shots that make the wrestlers appear tiny and distant. Up close and in your face...

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