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Before She was Lita She Was ..."Starbound"

2 Full Matches!

 A pair of treasures from the PGWA Vault, featuring a double dose of 
Amy Dumas from the dawn of her storied career!

 In the opening 'GrudgeMatch' we begin with brief interviews with 
the competitors, Texas cowgirl San Antonio Rose and Angelica (a young Amy Dumas).   
With the start of the match, these two hold back nothing, as Rose 
pits her superior strength and 'Old School' brawling technique 
against Angelica's dazzling speed and judo skills. 
 Lots of working over of the arms, legs and back, along with plenty 
of roughhousing tactics from both battlers, as each gives her all 
to try to drive the other into submission.  "Squeezin' the life out 
of me!" Angelica gasps as Rose crushes her with a scissors around 
her waist, but it isn’t long after that the youngster has her 
larger adversary grunting and groaning in pain!

 Finally, after suffering one torturous hold after another, one 
wrestler finally surrenders, at the risk of being seriously injured, 
perhaps even crippled!  Chastised for her rulebreaking, the winner 
dismisses the complaints with, "You wanted a winner, you got a winner!"

 In the second match, Angelica is brought in to a local promotion in 
North Carolina to take on…and take down…Holly Michaels, who has been 
a particular thorn to the side of a certain manager there.  
Both beauties hammer away at each other, with the advantage flying back 
and forth between them in this fast-paced battle.  Thanks to backfiring 
interference from the manager, Angelica is pinned for the 1-2-3, and 
she’s so enraged afterward, she puts a beat down on the poor guy that 
he's probably still nursing bruises from!

 All told, here are nearly 45 minutes of amazing, action-packed Amy "Angelica" 
Dumas action!  If you’re a fan of Amy...or a fan of great women’s wrestling...
then you simply will not want to miss these classic matches!

45 minutes | WMV | 200 megs | 480x360 | Just 18.95!

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Angelica, Lita Angelica, Lita Angelica, Lita

Angelica, Lita Angelica, Lita Angelica, Lita

Angelica, Lita Angelica, Lita Angelica, Lita

Angelica, Lita Angelica, Lita Angelica, Lita