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The Red Hot Mamas vs Sammi Hunter & Debbie Sharp

Tag Team

 Pippa L'Vinn and Shelby Beach... known collectively as the Red Hot Mamas... 
are back, and they facing the challenge of Sammi Hunter and Debbie Sharp.  
Pippa and Shelby, of course, have been two dominating figures 
in British women's wrestling for years now, and the young and hungry 
Sammi and Debbie are anxious to give themselves a big career boost with 
a victory over the veterans!

 Of course, that daunting tasks grows immeasurably more difficult in 
the opening minutes of the match, as the Mamas use their experience, 
deft tagging, and good old fashioned dirty tricks to claim the 
upper hand.  Poor Sammi in particular takes a pounding that would 
have driven a lesser wrestler to tearfully submit early on!  Yet, 
she magnificently battles on.

 Pippa and Shelby make frequent... and brutal... use of the corners 
and ropes to trap and torture their opponents, perhaps most impressively 
expressed as when Debbie it tied up in the cables, and the Mamas use 
poor Sammi as a human battering ram against her own partner!

 And when the battle tumbles out of the ring and rages across the rest 
of the gym, thinks grow even more desperate for Hunter and Sharp.  With 
the Mamas not interested in pins or submissions, but in simply torturing 
their opponents, the black-clad youngsters finally can take no more, and 
they flee the gym in a panic.

 The title of this one reflects the mayhem which the Red Hot Mamas inflict, 
and the confusion which their adversaries are swiftly swept up in.  But 
don't you be confused... add this one to your collection today!

18 minutes | 160 meg WMV| 640 x 480 | 2,000 kbps | Just 18.95!

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