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:: Video 38 :: 'The Rookie' #B-13

Candi Divine vs Lady McBeth

Candi Divine took on newcomer Lady McBeth in this classic battle taped in 1993.

Screams, pounding the mat and kickouts reverberate through the gym as this match begins.

Although a rookie, McBeth wastes no time in using illegal tactics to keep Divine from gaining the advantage... hairpulling, eye-gouging and even a scratch to the face are already in her repertoire.

This 2 out of 3 match features some painful holds and hard takedowns: clotheslines, snap mares, neck wrenching chin locks, bodyscissors, headlocks, sunset flips and Boston Crabs!

Great shots... great action!

Just 24.95! :: 79 Megs :: 27 Minutes

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