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:: Video 36 :: 'Deception & Defeat' #F-23

Debbie Combs vs Robbie Rage

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Debbie Combs had been avoiding Robbie Rage. Why?

Combs knew Rage was close to being able to beat her. Rage was upset and spoiling for revenge ever since her defeat at Comb's hands in video F-2, 'Debbie's Chopping Block'.

Combs finally accepted a rematch and we were there with the camera for the action, plus interviews.

Strange things began to happen the day of the match... What role would Lexie Fye play? Rage was seen plotting with her... what had they planned? Special Events even urged Combs to cancel but she dismissed the notion with contempt.

What happens next is almost an embarrassment... it's not Special Events policy to have wrestlers scheming and deceiving each other behind the scenes. Some may enjoy it, but we don't.

As it turns out, the Back Alley Gym security staff had to intervene. We heartily disapprove of Robbie Rage's antics to try to get her name into the 'win' column.

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