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:: Video 35 :: 'City vs Country' #C-12

Tracy Donahue vs Susie Krueger

Tracy Donahue is back! This 39 minute tape features rough down home wrestling with very little talk but quite a few insults.

Tracy stands in at about 5'3" and 150 pounds but we're just estimating as she refused to say. Country gal Susie is 5 inches taller and is 125 pounds.

Tracy works on her slender opponent's legs with double toeholds, stepover toeholds and moves designed to punish Susie's knees. Ms Krueger fights back with an array of moves including snap mares, neck twisting front face locks and keester bumps.

A gruelling match with both ladies giving their all!

Just 24.95! 115 Megs 39 Minutes

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