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"Two New PGWA Debuts"

MacKenzie York vs Vision

Both women are determined to score a win in their first match in the PGWA. As the battle begins, Vision surprises Mackenzie by displaying unexpected skill at technical grappling, taking York down and working on her arms and legs. Mackenzie narrowly escapes a couple of pin attempts, but is clearly in trouble. Getting rougher in her tactics, Vision crushes her victim in the corner with a splash, then brutally nails her with kicks.

Vision then goes technical again, thwarting Mackenzie's attempts to turn the tide and applying a string of submission holds... but seemingly with less intent of forcing York to give up, but instead to really just punish the poor girl! Vision then reaches back into her bag of dirty tricks and tortures her adversary with eye gouging and rope choking, insisting to the ref that her hairpulls are just "helping her up"!

But there's a suddenly flurry of action, and seemingly against all odds, Mackenzie is in control of the fight, swiftly leaving Vision badly stunned and primed for the pin! Basking in victory, York doesn't see her opponent slip behind her to launch another attack! "Guess you didn't read your contract... it's a two out of three falls match!" Vision informs Mackenzie with malicious glee, and as devastating as that first fall was, round two is even rougher on poor Mackenzie! The action culminates with Vision cruelly turning a chin lock into a mouth stretch, taking great joy in her hapless foe's screams, and then she wipes out York with a sitdown slam that leaves her easy pickings for the three count!

Getting the fall, Vision doesn't waste any time starting the third and deciding round, and unleashes an onslaught of slugging, slamming brawling! The ring itself becomes a weapon against Mackenzie, as she finds herself tortured on the ropes and in the corners. However, long past the point when lesser women would have submitted, York valiantly tries to battle back! Ultimately, one beauty is snared in a sleeper and, as her pride refuses to let her surrender, she is driven into unconsciousness.

Two great new wrestlers join the PGWA roster! Who wins this one? Watch it, and we think you'll agree that the FANS are the big winners!

22 minutes | 199 meg WMV | 640 x 480 | 2,000 kbps | Just 14.95!

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MacKenzie York vs Vision MacKenzie York vs Vision MacKenzie York vs Vision

MacKenzie York vs Vision MacKenzie York vs Vision MacKenzie York vs Vision

MacKenzie York vs Vision MacKenzie York vs Vision MacKenzie York vs Vision

MacKenzie York vs Vision MacKenzie York vs Vision MacKenzie York vs Vision