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"A Night to Forget"

Pippa LíVinn & San Antonio Rose
Cowgirl Victoria Rose & Shelby Beach

From November 8, 2002

tag Team Match

An unreleased treasure from the PGWA vault!

Itís altogether fitting that in this, our 20th anniversary year, we release a match shot in our 10th year, but until now never released to the public. But donít let that fact... or the name of this particular release, for that matter... lead you to think we kept this under wraps because it isnít up to our usual level of quality. The fact is, the quality of the wrestling found here is sterling. The simple truth is, we had such a large number of matches available in 2002, the release of this one was simply slated for a bit further down the road. But when both San Antonio Rose and Victoria Rose chose to retire from the ring, this match was set aside... until now, that is!

The pairings along in this one are intriguing enough... two American cowgirls and two British battlers! The Pippa/Shelby feud, here in its early stage, had spilled across the Atlantic, where they each teamed up with an American wrestler for this tag confrontation. Rose and Victoria had a feud of their own at the time, so the intensity in this one is plenty high!

Both duos mix speed and agility with sheer raw power... although the team of Pippa and Rose are also more than a little willing to mix a little rulebreaking in with their wrestling! The brawls between Shelby Beach and San Antonio Rose... each accustomed to being the strongest woman in any given match... are particularly ring-shaking.

After an extremely hard-fought contest, one team takes the victory, while for the other, it is a night of defeat they most definitely wanted to forget... although NOT forgive!

This is a rare gem from the PGWAís historic past that you will not want to miss!

20 minutes | 172 meg WMV | 640 x 480 | 2,000 kbps | Just 16.95!

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