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NEMESIS vs Burgandy

Following the debacle with Ooga Booga's intrusion the night before, Nemesis and Burgandi agree to meet and settle things in a GrudgeMatch.

In their pre-match interviews, Nemesis announces she will be putting her PGWA belt on the line in this, in order to preserve her string of undefeated title defenses, so confident of victory is she. "Honey," she derisively tells her opponent, "you're in a world of trouble now." When Burgandi self-assuredly replies that she's not scared, Big Mama replies, "Then you're just stupid."

But the Champ has good cause to reassess that opinion in the opening minutes of the match, as her adversary takes quick control, punishing her first with a series of arm holds, then applying a body-vise while simultaneously using Big Mama's own arms to choke her. And when Burgandi locks on a headscissors/leg stretch combo that has a pained and panic-stricken Nemesis gasping, "What the hell is that?!?", the Champion most certainly knows she's in for a tougher challenge than expected.

But eventually Nemesis is able to turn the tide, and she viciously punishes her opponent with everything from punches and face slams to nerve holds and sleepers. Indeed, these two powerful women hold back nothing as they pummel one another.

Finally, one wrestler is able to snare her exhausted rival in a bearhug, and she cranks up the pressure until her victim gasps out her submission.

This is a tremendous climax to what has proven to be a particularly vicious little feud, and you won't want to miss it!

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NEMESIS vs Burgandy NEMESIS vs Burgandy NEMESIS vs Burgandy

NEMESIS vs Burgandy NEMESIS vs Burgandy NEMESIS vs Burgandy

NEMESIS vs Burgandy NEMESIS vs Burgandy NEMESIS vs Burgandy

NEMESIS vs Burgandy NEMESIS vs Burgandy