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NEMESIS vs Burgandy

The PGWA Champion is NOT a happy woman. In her recent match against Amy Love, Nemesis had defeated her challenger, and was enjoying herself by battering the beaten blonde after the final bell; her joy was short-circuited however by the intrusion of a mysterious woman from the audience.

That woman was Burgandi, and in stepping into the ring to save Amy, she put herself squarely at the top of Big Mama's hit list!

First though, Nemesis announces in her pre-match interview that before she even lets Burgandi set one foot into the ring, the challenger is going to have to produce her state athletic license to prove she's a professional wrestler! "By God... I will not make a mockery of this business!", the Champ piously declares.

Burgandi does indeed produce a valid license, much to the Champ's chagrin. That matter settled, the match gets underway, and it gets physical right away, with both powerful women trying to take control. But it isn't long before Nemesis dips into her bag of dirty tricks and punishes her adversary with rough tactics!

Slamming Burgandi's face into the turnbuckles, bodysplashing her into the corner, choking on the ropes…Nemesis does it all with a wicked smile on her face. Ultimately, Burgandi starts to battle back... but then things get WEIRD.

A male wrestler, the savage Ooga Booga, suddenly climbs into the ring, putting a halt to the match. It seems he wants a mate... he just can't decide if it will be Nemesis or Burgandi! The crowd, unhappy with Big Mama's cheating ways, vocally encourage Ooga to choose her, and much to the Champ's chagrin, he plants a big kiss on her! Nemesis manages to escape, but back in the lockerroom she is fuming. She's convinced that Burgandi had arranged for Ooga's intrusion, and she demands that a GrudgeMatch between them be set up by the PGWA for the very next day.

In her own post-match interview, Burgandi is equally furious that Ooga's intrusion had resulted in a double DQ, and she readily accepts the GrudgeMatch challenge.

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NEMESIS vs Burgandy NEMESIS vs Burgandy NEMESIS vs Burgandy

NEMESIS vs Burgandy NEMESIS vs Burgandy NEMESIS vs Burgandy

NEMESIS vs Burgandy NEMESIS vs Burgandy NEMESIS vs Burgandy

NEMESIS vs Burgandy NEMESIS vs Burgandy