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Christie Ricci vs Nikki Diamond

Ricci vs Diamond

It's the Mississippi Queen versus the Georgia Belle, and the veteran aims to take the rookie to school!

Nikki is coming off of a string of tremendous victories of late, and she also has a near-win over Tracy Taylor for the PGWA belt, so it's perhaps not all that surprising that she steps into the ring with a self-confidence that seems to border on cockiness. The teenaged sensation has definite swagger as she prepares to take on one of the toughest adversaries she has yet faced.

There are few women in the sport whom Christie has not fought in her storied career, and she's certainly seen her fair share of overconfident young opponents. Perhaps she even thought back to her own early days in the ring, when she was knocked off of her perch more than once by the likes of Leilani Kai and Strawberry Fields. Looking to take those long-ago experiences and “pay them forward”, Ricci resolves to teach the young blonde a lesson she won't soon forget!

The bell clangs and for many minutes, control of this fight is about 9:1 in Christie's favor; about the only thing which keeps it from being a complete stomp down on the Georgian is the fact that Nikki is able to get some offense in once in a while. Still, things do not look good for her.

Now, after all of her years in the ring wars, Ricci has earned her right to be smug, and she flaunts it here by torturing her foe with one hand while blowing kisses to the crowd with the other! The fans are often in Christie's corner no matter who she's fighting, but tonight, more than a few spectators are rooting for poor Nikki!

The Georgia Belle does manage to shock her adversary, and delight her fans, by suddenly mounting a stunning offense that has the Mississippi Queen reeling, and it looks as if Diamond might just pull off an upset!

Reaching into her bag of dirty tricks, Christie is able to seize control of the match again, and she really punishes the youngster... including trying to break her leg on the ropes!

Is Nikki able to work another miracle and turn the tide again, or is Christie just too much for her? And will the young newcomer be able to take valuable lessons away from this match, or has the Mississippi Queen ended her career for good? Get this one now to find out!

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Ricci vs Diamond Ricci vs Diamond Ricci vs Diamond

Ricci vs Diamond Ricci vs Diamond Ricci vs Diamond

Ricci vs Diamond Ricci vs Diamond Ricci vs Diamond

Ricci vs Diamond Ricci vs Diamond Ricci vs Diamond

Ricci vs Diamond Ricci vs Diamond Ricci vs Diamond

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