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"Tracy Rings DeBella!"

Tracy vs DeBella

Tracy ventures down to Alabama to defend her PGWA title against rising young star DeBella, and the rookie gives the Champ more of a challenge than the Hawaiian had expected!

DeBella is particularly skilled at reversing holds, and she frustrates Taylor by turning the tide against the more experienced woman again and again. Frustrated, Tracy lets her vicious side come out to play, taking the fight out of the ring where she can punish the blonde mercilessly. First she repeatedly slams DeBella’s back into the ring edge and post, cruelly trying to injure her spine! Back in the ring, Taylor continues to work her opponent’s aching back, plus she chokes her on the ropes, kicks her in the face, and stomps, slaps and punches her with wild abandon!

Astonishing, plucky DeBella manages to come back from this savage beating, and she dishes out some of her adversary’s own roughhouse tactics against her! After taking a beating all her own, Taylor manages to bounce back, and this match escalates into a wild brawl, as one beauty makes it her goal to ‘stomp a mud hole’ into the other!

With the match finally spinning out of control, the referee has no choice but to disqualify one wrestler…he then has to physically haul her off of her rival, and further help rushes from the lockerroom to keep the two warring women apart!

This is without a doubt one of the wildest title defenses Tracy Taylor has ever had, and you’ll be mightily impressed with DeBella! Don’t pass this one by, friends…you’ll just hate yourself if you do!

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Tracy vs DeBella Tracy vs DeBella Tracy vs DeBella

Tracy vs DeBella Tracy vs DeBella Tracy vs DeBella

Tracy vs DeBella Tracy vs DeBella Tracy vs DeBella

Tracy vs DeBella Tracy vs DeBella Tracy vs DeBella