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Tracy vs La La

"I'll Take That Challenge"

Tracy vs Lala

La La makes her PGWA debut as she has finally managed to get Tracy to agree to a submission only GrudgeMatch! It seems that native Georgian La La has taken severe offense at the fact that the Hawaiian has become to popular in the Peach State, and La La intends to show everyone back home just who the superior wrestler is!

The two rivals lock up, each aiming to overpower the other right from the start... but instead, they stalemate, and finally break off their efforts in mutual frustration. They lock up again, but this time Taylor is able to secure a headlock, followed by a wristlock. However, the confident smile on her face suddenly melts away a as La La deftly reverses the hold, and now itís her turn to punish the Pacific princess.

The fight sways back and forth between the two, as they struggle to grind the other down into submission with arm and leglocks, sleeperholds, punches, boot stomps and more! One woman finally tries to apply a match-ending Figure Four, but her intended victim is able to power out at the last instant. Within moments, one is rendered helpless and she whimpers her surrender!

Who wins this one for the hearts and minds of Georgiaís fans... Tracy or La La? Youíll have to watch it to find out!

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The match is available on DVD

Tracy vs Lala Tracy vs Lala Tracy vs Lala

Tracy vs Lala Tracy vs Lala Tracy vs Lala

Tracy vs Lala Tracy vs Lala Tracy vs Lala

Tracy vs Lala Tracy vs Lala Tracy vs Lala

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