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From: "A Call to Arms"

Live Show - Nashville September 11, 2010

DeBella vs Mary Kelly

The second match from the all women show...

More wild action from "A Call to Arms!" ... these 2 came to fight!

DeBella made her PGWA earlier in 2010, and was an immediate hit with the fans. This is Mary's first PGWA match, and while she can't care less what the fans think, she's bound and determined to be a big HIT on DeBella!

Both women give pre-match interviews. At first glance, redheaded Mary looks like the girl next door... but we quickly learn that she must live next door to a reform school! Don't let her cuteness fool you, because she's a cruel and merciless bully!

As the match begins, the pace starts out quick, and just grows faster! The advantage swings back and forth between the two, and as the battle wears on, it becomes clear that this has fight has gotten personal between them. Headlocks are squeezed just a little harder, armlocks are given a bit more extra torque, and bodyslams are delivered with ring-shaking force... these two aren't just looking to beat the other, but to put some heavy duty hurt down on her rival!

Mary delivers some particularly brutal kicks to the face and head of the blonde, but DeBella strikes back with a senses-shattering stunner! Each wrestler tries to pin the other and seems on the verge of victory, when her opponent miraculously manages to escape at the very last instant.

At long last, one woman emerges victorious, leveling the other with a devastating cross-armed lungblower, bringing an end to what will most certainly be one of the favorite PGWA matches of the year!

Once again DeBella demonstrates her greatness, while Mary Kelly proves she has what it takes to shine in the spotlight... and you won't want to miss adding this fantastic match to your collection!

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The entire card available on DVD

DeBella vs Mary Kelly DeBella vs Mary Kelly DeBella vs Mary Kelly

DeBella vs Mary Kelly DeBella vs Mary Kelly DeBella vs Mary Kelly

DeBella vs Mary Kelly DeBella vs Mary Kelly DeBella vs Mary Kelly

DeBella vs Mary Kelly DeBella vs Mary Kelly DeBella vs Mary Kelly