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Live From Nashville - July 17,2010

Miss Rachel versus Camron Star w/ K9 Kohl

reviewed by The Red Cardinal

Miss Rachel vs Camron Star

These two powerhouses are no strangers to each other. British sensation Miss Rachel had intentions of getting a clean win over the rulebreaking Camron, but the blonde had other ideas... and she wasn't afraid to throw the rulebook out of the ring to have her way!

Both women ably demonstrate in the opening minutes of the match that they're each highly skilled technical grapplers, as an exchange of armlocks transforms into a duel of leg holds, all as beautifully executed as ballet. Things get a bit more physical after that, with Rachel taking command of the fight, culminating in a hip-check to the face(!) that knocks Star clean out of the ring.

Camron then takes some time to regroup before cautiously returning to the ring. However, Rachel feels her adversary is taking a bit too long in climbing in, so as the blonde steps between the ropes, the Brit gives them a vigorous shake and... well, let's just say it was an uncomfortable moment for Camron, shall we?

But that's also incentive enough for Star to pull out the dirty tricks, and with her equally duplicitous manager, K9 Kohl, at ringside, Camron manages to seriously bedevil the brunette with underhanded tactics. The match really gets rough now, as the two beauties hammer away at one another. It finally ends when one is whipped into a corner, splashed, and then pinned with a stunningly executed Fisherman's Suplex!

Nashville, Tennessee is undeniably one of the world's hotbeds for great women's wrestling action, and this match indelibly proves why... don't miss it!

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Miss Rachel vs Camron Star Miss Rachel vs Camron Star Miss Rachel vs Camron Star

Miss Rachel vs Camron Star Miss Rachel vs Camron Star Miss Rachel vs Camron Star

Miss Rachel vs Camron Star Miss Rachel vs Camron Star Miss Rachel vs Camron Star