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Luna vs Riptide

This match is both historic, but also poignant. It features a near-apocalyptic brawl between the legendary Luna Vachon and Angel 'Riptide' Orsini.

Shot in 2005, it remained in the PGWA vault, the stuff of legends. Because of the violently controversial ending, it was always the intent of the PGWA, Luna and Riptide for there to be a rematch, with the plan being to release both matches together.

Unfortunately, the very busy schedules of the two wrestlers never seemed to allow for them to meet up again, and months turned into years.

And now, with Luna's tragic death, that rematch will never happen. But what we are left with is one of the wildest battles in PGWA history!

Luna puts her coveted hardcore title belt on the line, thus ensuring that both women will stop at NOTHING to beat the other! This can scarcely be called a match... itís more like a dockyard donnybrook! The ring canít contain it, nor can time itself... even after one woman wins the fight and the bell tolls, the battle continues. This is a brawl for the ages!

There has never been another woman in professional wrestling like the great Luna Vachon, and Riptide is one of a kind as well! This match stands as a testament to their incredible abilities, and as fitting a tribute to the veritable force of nature that was Luna as possible.

The PGWA is deeply honored to have worked with Luna, and proud to now offer this incredible match to the fans at last.

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Luna vs Riptide Luna vs Riptide Luna vs Riptide

Luna vs Riptide Luna vs Riptide Luna vs Riptide

Luna vs Riptide Luna vs Riptide Luna vs Riptide

Luna vs Riptide Luna vs Riptide Luna vs Riptide