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Sin-D vs Nemesis

More great WXCW/PGWA action, this time featuring a match that's a bit on the personal side. You see, when Nemesis first broke into wrestling, one of her trainers was none other than Sin-D, and she trained her well... perhaps TOO well.

Since those earlier days, the two women have had a falling out, so there's little love lost between them now. Naturally enough, Nemesis wants to prove that the student has surpassed the teacher, while Sin-D makes the case that while she may have taught Nemesis everything she knows, she didn't teach her everything the veteran knows!

Right from the start, "Big Mama" Nemesis is spoiling for a fight, and she tries picking one with the referee! She soon unites the crowd in chanting "Quit your whining", which only aggravates her further... which is demonstrated in the opening moments of the battle, when she roughly shoves Sin-D to the mat and bellows to the crowd, "I'm gonna break her in half!"

And she certainly tries her level best, using her superior strength to slam, stomp and maul her smaller opponent. Of course, Sin-D knows how to play rough as well, and she punishes her one-time pupil with moves that send the nearly six foot tall battler reeling.

The match finally comes to a halt when one woman plants the other to the canvas with a DDT and gets the pin... but she isn't finished yet! She then traps her adversary in a crippling Camel Clutch, refusing the commands of the WXCW Commissioner to release her... until he threatens to ban her from both WXCW and the PGWA forever!

Both Nemesis and Sin-D recently made their PGWA debuts to great acclaim. Fans will love seeing them in action again in this one!

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Sin-D vs Nemesis Sin-D vs Nemesis Sin-D vs Nemesis

Sin-D vs Nemesis Sin-D vs Nemesis Sin-D vs Nemesis

Sin-D vs Nemesis Sin-D vs Nemesis Sin-D vs Nemesis

Sin-D vs Nemesis Sin-D vs Nemesis Sin-D vs Nemesis