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Brittany Force & DeBella vs Fantasy and Jessica Wetmore

reviewed by The Red Cardinal

Tag Team

Blondes Brittany and DeBella are clearly the crowd favorites against curvaceous brunettes Fantasy and Jessica, especially after the bad girls ambush their opponents before the opening bell even rings!

It's speed versus raw power, and in the opening minutes, it's anyone's guess which will prevail. However, for all of their enthusiasm, the blondes are only teaming for the first time, while Jessica and Fantasy are an established tag team. That experience, plus the sheer strength of the bad girls…not to mention their rule-bending tactics…soon give them the advantage, and they make the most of it. Poor DeBella really takes a pounding from her relentless opponents! Yet, she valiantly kicks out of every attempt to pin her, and eventually manages to tag in her partner!

Both teams exhibit sterling technical virtuosity, as well as roughhouse tactics (and Brittany even fights fire with fire at one point, giving the bad girls a taste of their own rulebreaking medicine!). The action swings wildly back and forth between the two, and it's not uncommon to see all four battling in the ring at once, or two of them slugging it out at ringside while their partners fight it out in the squared circle.

Ultimately, one team prevails with a stunning double pinfall effort…but which duo? Add this exciting tag match to your collection to discover just who proved victorious!

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