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"I'll Teach You a Lesson"

Tasha Simone vs DeBella

reviewed by Kyle Bowman

Tasha vs DeBella

The Tasha Simone and Debella match entitled "I'll Teach You a Lesson" is gritty, hard-nosed style of wrestling that is similar to a game of human chess. These ladies matched each other's strengths, as it seems that these women would fight until their opponent wasn't left standing. If you or someone you know hasn't seen this match, it is a must!

These two ladies clashed and waged war, while showing an art form that is impressive and all too often overlooked. Impeccable wills and a penchant for success truly show the dominant spirit of these competitors. These ladies were competitive and ever clever in outwitting their opponent with counters and counter holds to those measures as well.

Debella, the beautiful brunette and fan favorite, tries to break down her opponent with wear down holds, and chain wrestling. These tactics were an essential key to success as she tries to grind out a victory, and tire out her opponent. Many holds provided a check for submissions and also pinfall attempts, but Simone kept kicking out with much resilience. An act of resiliency showing skill, perseverance and that Tasha will do anything to stay in the match. This contest is so evenly matched, spots of a stalemate during this intense battle of attrition. No titles were on the line, but weren't necessary. Given the degree of intensity this battle had, rest assured that the issues between these two are just heating up, and the punishment is far from over! Simone countered with brawling and lucha libre holds which threw Debella off her game. The tide of the match then soon switched to Tasha, who quickly took control. Slowing down the pace of the match also meant more of a methodical game plan utilized by Tasha Simone.

Grappling holds, headlocks and body-slams are of the many climactic moves during this match. The action was so involved, that these two could barely be contained, as the action spilled to the floor! "I'll Teach You a Lesson" was a true indication of being able to kick butt and take names. Tasha Simone and Debella's match is a great example of what tradition is. Thus, "I'll Teach You a Lesson" has regained the lost art that is pro wrestling. These ladies provided all of the drama, action and entertainment, as these elements were the story and kept fans on the edge of their seats. Regardless of wins and losses, the match is also a showing of pride. What does that indicate? Meaning Debella and Simone are of an elite class, and a budding golden era in women's wrestling, and why it is an honor to be a part of it.

Debella is a thrilling athlete to watch, and beloved by the fans. She is a phenomenal mat wrestler who uses a ‘ground and pound' tactic, until wins are in her sight. Debella is a specialist at any ring style with a move arsenal showing how talented she is. See to it that Debella, along with many others will keep improving, keep learning the art that this sport was built on. Debella will continue to prosper and grow throughout her career, and will become an even more elite superstar.

Villainous heel Tasha Simone battled back versus Debella hold for hold as well. Simone is a tough competitor who knows how to dish it out, while showing no quit in her attempt for victory and supremacy. Tasha Simone is a perfect example of what an old-school heel is, and should be a throwback style wrestler to a bygone era. She is efficient in the ring, with a vast repertoire of high impact maneuvers and holds. Simone is a great tactician in the ring, and every move has timing, and a purpose. These moves and wherewithal to withstand punishment enabled Tasha Simone to earn the win in this hard fought match.

Why is this match different and so great? This form of wrestling is thrilling to watch, lending much credibility back to the sport of pro wrestling built on athleticism. These ladies are champions in and out of the ring, beautiful and athletic, phenomenal to watch in action! Tasha and Debella's style of wrestling don''t wholly need a story, because it's being told in the ring. Check out all your favorites and matches at PGWA events or through

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Tasha vs DeBella Tasha vs DeBella Tasha vs DeBella

Tasha vs DeBella Tasha vs DeBella Tasha vs DeBella

Tasha vs DeBella Tasha vs DeBella Tasha vs DeBella