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Tanner McKee & Leilani Kai vs Victoria Rose & Summer Rain

PGWA Tag Team

Here's another unreleased jewel from the PGWA vault, as one of the true living legends of women's wrestling, Leilani Kai, teams up with the tough Tanner to take on the cowgirl and Indian team of Victoria and Summer Rain!

And as the title implies, Kai and McKee prove themselves to be a dastardly duo indeed, punishing their opponents with a flagrant disregard for the rulebook. Of course, the referee gives both teams... and Leilani in particular... some very stern warnings about obeying the rules. And it's just about the first and last time he has any real authority in this match!

It's only moments into this bout before the bad girls start to pull out the dirty tricks. And of course while Kai is one of the sport's supreme rulebreakers, redheaded McKee proves herself well-versed in underhanded tactics as well... much to the painful chagrin of their opponents!

But that's not to say that the good girls don't make a good showing for themselves! Quite a few times, they have their adversaries in serious trouble. But time and again, the wicked ways of Leilani and Tanner turn the tide... such as when they nearly tear blonde Victoria in half with vicious dual leg pulls! And that's just the start of the bad times for the cowgirl, for later in the match she's brutally crushed by mauling leg scissors by both Leilani and Tanner!

The ref gets very familiar with the numbers one through four, as he's called upon to recite them time and again in order to force the bad girls to break their illegal holds. And naturally enough, the end of this battle spirals out of control all together!

Truly, you can never go wrong with adding Leilani Kai to your collection, and when you include three other great ladies in this one, you're in for an Old School treat!

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PGWA Tag Team PGWA Tag Team PGWA Tag Team

PGWA Tag Team PGWA Tag Team PGWA Tag Team

PGWA Tag Team PGWA Tag Team PGWA Tag Team

PGWA Tag Team PGWA Tag Team PGWA Tag Team