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Tasha Simone vs Su Yung

I Mean to Be Mean

If you're a longtime PGWA fan, you know perfectly well that Tasha Simone is one of the toughest women in the sport. You probably also know that Su Yung is one of the most exciting newcomers in wrestling today. You may also have heard that these two women have a serious DISLIKE for one another.

Those are all the ingredients we need to make one barnburner of a match!

From the introductions, it's clear that Su is beloved by the crowd, while Tasha earns their boos and jeers. This match kicks off with one of the strangest openings ever, as the wrestlers struggle in the ring, then out to ringside...and never once breaking their Collar and Elbow tie-up!

Proving that she doesn't have to cheat if she doesn't want to, redheaded Tasha takes control of the match and punishes her rival with entirely legal holds. Shockingly, it's a desperate Yung who breaks the rules first, escaping with a thumb poke to her adversary's eye!

From that point on, both wrestlers aim to punish each other. And this rousing match finally comes to an end when one hapless battler is first stunned with a Facebuster, then KO'd by a Piledriver!

One woman claims the victory while her fallen foe lies unconscious... but it's the viewers who will all be the winners with this one!

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I Mean to Be Mean I Mean to Be Mean I Mean to Be Mean

I Mean to Be Mean I Mean to Be Mean I Mean to Be Mean

I Mean to Be Mean I Mean to Be Mean I Mean to Be Mean

I Mean to Be Mean I Mean to Be Mean I Mean to Be Mean