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:: Video 24 :: 'Manchester Madness' # J-12

Louise Lockwood vs Lani West

At the North Manchester Women's Wrestling Club

Redone at a much higher bitrate... now 640x480 2,000 kbps! Same price!

A 2 out of 3 Grudge Match between 2 up and coming British stars!

Lockwood's superior strength allows her to dominate but West's speed and agility serve her well.

Not only winning but annihilating her rival appears to be the strategy from both sides. These young women had been feuding for months and welcomed the chance to get at each other's throats in front of the PGWA camera!

Chokes, backbreakers, sleepers, leglocks airplane spins, keister bumps and more! These teenagers have an repertoire of moves that would impress even the most savvy ring veteran.

In the years after this match, Louise Lockwood went on to become the youngest ever Englishwoman to win a wrestling championship... one look at this tape and you'll see why it was inevitable!

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