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Nikki vs Morgan


Nikki vs Morgan

This is it... the grand finale of the PGWA’s new West Coast series of matches, as Nikki and Morgan return to the ring in a Best of Three Falls Match to face one another at long last!

Nikki the Knockout hasn’t come all the way from New York just to lose, but then again, Morgan is ready and willing to prove that Utah girls fight to win, too. The women try to out-muscle one another in the collar-and-elbow lockup, pushing each other to each of the four corners of the ring. What follows is solid grappling from both beauties, as they punish their rival with headscissors, armlocks, full nelsons, and more... the ‘more’ including some rule-bending (when ordered by the ref to let go of her opponent’s hair, the offending girl declares her innocence with, "I’m just fixing it!").

When the first fall doesn’t end to the liking of one wrestler, she decides to resolve that in round two with some eye gouging, choking in the ropes, and face smashes to the canvas. That helps her even up the score, leading to a third riotous round with everything on the line!

And the third fall erupts with an explosion of action, as the gloating winner of the previous round is caught unawares as her infuriated adversary tackles her! The brawl is one, as both Nikki and Morgan pull out all of the stops to not simply beat the other, but BEAT HER DOWN!

Interviews with both exhausted battlers are included after the match, and one suspects that this rivalry isn’t quite over... !

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Nikki vs Morgan Nikki vs Morgan Nikki vs Morgan

Nikki vs Morgan Nikki vs Morgan Nikki vs Morgan

Nikki vs Morgan Nikki vs Morgan Nikki vs Morgan

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