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Shelby Beach & Jenny Sjödin
Josianne & April Davids


PGWA Tag Team

Four women from three nations... Josianne of Canada, Jenny from Sweden, and the UK's own Shelby and April... meet in tumultuous tag team action!

The mood is set even before the bell rings, as a taunting April and Josianne tell their opponents to clear out of "our ring". Naturally, Shelby and Jenny don’t take kindly to being bossed around this way, and they make it clear that if anyone is going to be ejected from the squared circle, it’s going to be Josianne and April!

All four women are, of course, highly skilled wrestlers, and this contest erupts into a calliope of lightning-fast moves and countermoves, each grappler using all of her considerable tricks to try and win for their team.

Ultimately, one woman manages to force her opponent, who is driven to tears, to submit or else risk a crippling injury, even as the victorious wrestler's partner is battering her own opposite number at ringside. The match is over at last... but the wrestling is far from finished!

One notable British lass had been sitting at ringside the entire time, silently taking in the match, observing the strengths and weaknesses of all four battlers. At match's end, she extends a hand to Josianne, welcoming her to England... but the French Canadian dismissively rebuffs the gesture. Harsh words are exchanged, and the Brit battler storms off in a huff.

But then, not long afterward, a mysterious woman emerges from the locker room, her identity hidden behind a mask. Stepping into the ring, she silently beckons for Josianne to join her, and the impromptu battle is on! Control of the fight swings back and forth between them, until at last April decides to enter the fray, joining Josianne in a double team effort on the enigmatic hooded intruder.

Nearly a full half-hour of outstanding wrestling action awaits you with this one... DON’T YOU DARE MISS IT!

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