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Pippa L'Vinn vs Shelby Beach


You've heard the old joke about going to the fights and a hockey game broke out? Well, how about the one where a modeling shoot erupted into a wrestling match!

Neither Pippa nor Shelby were booked to wrestle on this day. However, both were being photographed for a European sports magazine... separately, of course. The editors wisely scheduled them to pose in the ring at different times.

But L'Vinn, not surprisingly, had no patience for waiting around for her rival to finish her shoot, so she marched out of the locker room, stepped into the ring and ordered Shelby out! As you might imagine, this didn't sit well at all with the Brit Bombshell. After some harsh words and a bit of shoving, the two longtime foes need no further encouragement to tear into each other!

Shelby is garbed in a classic blue one-piece, while Pippa is stunning in a teal bikini, and both suits really show their powerful bodies to full advantage!

When at last the brutal battle is finished, the exhausted winner commands her beaten nemesis to "get out of my ring!" But while yet another skirmish has been waged between them, the L'Vinn/Beach war will no doubt continue to rage for years to come.

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