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:: Video 23 :: 'Getting Even' # I-14

Stardust vs San Antonio Rose

Stardust vs Black Diamond

A 2 fight tape with the second a mixed grudge match!

Newcomer Stardust was up against the bigger and more experienced San Antonio Rose at an NWA show. She was holding her own until a masked man came out of nowhere to attack her.

Mixed matches are rare in the PGWA so when there is one, you know it's got to be good. Dauntlessly tracking down the masked villain, the PGWA was able to arrange for a grudge match to give Stardust a shot at payback.

'The Black Diamond', as he styles himself, holds nothing back at attacks once again! Figure 4s, Boston Crabs plus as many dirty tricks as he can think of show this is no gentleman! With no referee in the ring he reaches into his bag of dirty tricks as often as he can!

Stardust comes up with some rough-housing of her own... but can she withstand the onslaught? This is a great match!

Just 24.95! 110 Megs 38 Minutes

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