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"They Don't Like You!"

If ever there was a rivalry that qualifies as Feud of the Century, the war between these two battling Brits is most undeniably a front-runner!

Once again, lifelong nemeses Pippa and Shelby meet in the ring, this time before a live audience. But it really doesn't matter where they confront one another…in a ring, on the mats, or even in an alleyway... it's a guarantee that they'll hold back NOTHING as they tear into each other!

This time out, Beach enjoys a bit of an advantage, as the heckles of the fans rattle L'Vinn... so much so that she demands that the crowd remain absolutely silent during the match, so as to not distract her! Of course, that only fuels the raucous spectators even more, and they cheer themselves hoarse supporting Shelby, and likewise happily exert themselves jeering Pippa.

If you've ever seen a match between these two, you know it is quite likely one of the finest examples of a wrestling contest you'll ever see, and this match is most certainly not an exception to that rule. Here, they fight as if they think this is the last time they'll ever meet again, and both women give their all to not simply beat the other, but to prove herself the superior wrestler.

The title of this match is a lie, of course, because you won't only like both Shelby and Pippa, but you'll LOVE the battle they wage in this one!

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