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"Justice Continued"

Sometimes, a single match just can't settle an issue. This is a rematch between two of Europe's mightiest wrestlers, who last tangled in "Who's Better, Who's Best" (Download #218). And now, these two powerhouses meet again…each determined to make this battle the final decider between them!

From the very start, both British Shelby and German Simone go at it hard and aggressive. Each works the others legs painfully, hoping to wring a submission from the other. But as both women are far too proud to surrender, they force themselves to endure the punishment long past the point when other wrestlers would have screamed their submission!

Knowing how brutal this fight could be, the PGWA arranged for Lucy Clayden as the special referee…and she has her hands full! Just how intense does this match get? Well, Shelby…ordinarily the staunchest abider of the rules... resorts to some dastardly tactics here to try and gain an edge over her rival, including rope choking and a thoroughly vicious forearm smash up between the wickets!

There's a wildly unexpected end to this match... although is it enough to bring a final conclusion to this feud? Add this one to your collection to find out now!

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Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone

Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone

Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone

Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone

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