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Jennidee vs Skye


The PGWA returns to the UK for another great GrudgeMatch between two battling British beauties!

Jennidee gives up several inches in height to Skye, but the Liverpudlian doesn't let that intimidate her in the least. Indeed, in the opening moments of the match, she out-muscles her opponent and sends her down on her bum a few times! But Skye quickly wises up, and she opts to neutralize Jennidee's tremendous strength with some yelp-inducing arm holds.

Finally making her escape, Jennidee promptly starts mauling her opponent's arms... and legs... as well, but it isn't long before Skye is dishing out the punishment again. These two have been ring rivals for too long, and they know the other's many tricks too well, for this to be anything less than a near-stalemate as the minutes tick by.

In the end, however, one battler cannily focuses on her adversary's weak spot, ultimately locking on a hold that has the poor girl frantically tapping her surrender. Which Brit claims victory in this one? Add it to your collection today and find out!

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Jennidee vs Skye Jennidee vs Skye Jennidee vs Skye

Jennidee vs Skye Jennidee vs Skye Jennidee vs Skye

Jennidee vs Skye Jennidee vs Skye Jennidee vs Skye

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