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Shelby Beach vs The Baroness Simone


Europe flares with tensions again, as Britain's Shelby battles German Simone in a contest between two of the continent's deadliest powerhouses! There's only one woman capable of maintaining order in this one, and that's special referee Pippa L'Vinn!

These two blockbuster beauties hammer one another from pillar to post, using their powerful arms and legs as weapons... and turning each others' limbs into targets as well. This battle is chock-full of raw power, including a titanic test of strength between the two proud women!

As the clock grows ever nearer to the twenty minute mark, one exhausted wrestler manages to snare her equally drained opponent in a sleeper hold. Does the victim fall prey to the crushing embrace, or will she find a way to turn the tables once more? Add this one to your collection to find out!

The Brit and the Baroness have faced one another before, but we can guarantee you, those matches were NOTHING as compared to this one!

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Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone

Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone

Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone

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