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Sarah Sullivan vs Dixie


Sure, the War Between the States has been over for almost a century and a half. But that doesn't mean there isn't still pride on both sides, and Sarah Sullivan and Dixie demonstrated that in the LadySports ring recently.

Sarah Sullivan, in a black two-piece outfit, hails from Providence, Rhode Island. Dixie, a proud daughter of Mobile, Alabama, wore a red and black ensemble and probably didn't want to even think about losing to a Yankee girl. All the better for a good match.

The Rhode Island girl struck first, nailing an armlock on Dixie that really hurt. But the Southern candidate reversed the hold quickly and punished her foe, making Sarah grunt in pain. Another reversal, and Sarah was in charge, sending Dixie to her hands and knees. Sarah improved the hold into a hammerlock, and Dixie's groans of pain were very audible. The ref asked the question, but it was far too early in the match for a "yes" answer.

Dixie succeeded in trading the hold again, and wrung Sarah's arm mercilessly several times. Ricky asked if Sarah wanted the bell, but a few seconds later, Sarah snagged Dixie's legs, put her on her back, and locked on a headlock. The answer was evidently "no".

With Rocket checking Dixie's shoulders, Sarah ground away at her opponent's jawbone, making the Alabama girl cry out in pain. But Dixie wasn't done yet. She snaked up one leg, got it across Sarah's face, and forced her foe onto her back and into a crushing head scissors. Sarah tried to bridge out, but Dixie had the scissors on tight and was working it like a nutcracker. It took some finessing, but after much gasping in pain, Sarah pulled her head free of Dixie's legs and got to her feet. So did Dixie, and both women began the circle dance again.

Again and again, these two trade hold and counter-hold, neither able to seize the clear advantage for very long. Surfboards, bearhugs, toeholds, headlocks... all weapons in the arsenals of these women. Finally, one beauty manages to put her opponent's shoulders to the canvas just long enough for the ref to slap out a three count

Does the North repeat victory, or does the South rise again? Get this great match today and find out for yourself!

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Dixie vs Sarah Dixie vs Sarah Dixie vs Sarah

Dixie vs Sarah Dixie vs Sarah Dixie vs Sarah

Dixie vs Sarah Dixie vs Sarah Dixie vs Sarah

Dixie vs Sarah Dixie vs Sarah Dixie vs Sarah

Dixie vs Sarah Dixie vs Sarah Dixie vs Sarah