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"A Touch of Minx"

Shelby Beach is certainly no stranger to PGWA audiences, having fought in many high quality matches in PGWA rings on BOTH sides of the Atlantic. Her opponent in this contest, Minx, may not be quite as familiar, but she too has established herself as one of the best lady wrestlers in the UK... and one of the most aptly named as well, possessing a singular talent for getting under the skin and inside the head of her adversaries.

And with no referee on hand to keep order, it doesn't take long for Minx to do both against Shelby.

What starts off as a normal wrestling match soon becomes a little more personal, with Minx wasting little time before resorting to biting and other underhanded tactics against Shelby superior size and strength. Of course, considering those qualities, making her opponent angry might not be the best course of action for Minx, and the blonde bombshell demonstrates that she can go just as low, if need be...

Does Shelby's might carry the day? Or can the cunning Minx scheme a way to come out on top?

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Shelby vs Minx Shelby vs Minx Shelby vs Minx

Shelby vs Minx Shelby vs Minx Shelby vs Minx

Shelby vs Minx Shelby vs Minx Shelby vs Minx

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