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"Working Her Over"

Here's a never before seen (but sure to be a classic) match featuring a young and eager Nikki Roxx, battling against a fellow newcomer!

Watching this match unfold, one can clearly see all of the tools for greatness in Nikki... even if she is still pretty rough around the edges. To make up for her lack of experience, Roxx was quite the wicked rulebreaker back in the day. Her fingers can't seem to stay out of Sullivan's hair and eyes in this one!

This is a best of 3 falls GrudgeMatch, with both wrestlers bound and determined to make her rival tap out. Nikki takes the first fall, and Sara evens it up in the second round. For the third fall, all bets are off as these two batter one another around the ring. One young beauty slowly manages to take control, and ruthlessly targets her opponent's legs in an effort to force her to give up once and for all.

There are lots of grueling submission holds in this battle, punctuated by sudden bursts of lightning-fast action. In particular, both women torture one another with a series of head and body scissors (and Nikki cannily wears fishnets, knowing the stockings are like sandpaper against Sara's skin as she crushes her head between her thighs!).

No fan of Nikki Roxx can pass this one up! And when it's all over, you'll be a fan of Sara Sullivan, too!

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Nikki vs Sara Nikki vs Sara Nikki vs Sara

Nikki vs Sara Nikki vs Sara Nikki vs Sara

Nikki vs Sara Nikki vs Sara Nikki vs Sara

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