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Tracy Taylor vs Isis

Tracy Taylor vs Isis

It's probably safe to say that while Tracy Taylor has faced some very big challenges before, none have been quite as large as the mighty Isis!

The amazing 6'10"(!) Isis has traveled up to North Carolina to challenge 5'6" Tracy for her PGWA title belt, and pledges that she intends to take it!

As a professional fitness competitor, Taylor is used to being the stronger woman in the ring. But from the opening moments of this titanic struggle, Isis muscles her smaller opponent around the ring with ease. The Champ realizes quickly that they only hope she has is to use speed and leverage to take the giantess down... but that's not so easily done when Isis clamps a huge hand around Tracy's throat to force her to break an armhold, for instance.

Using her vast grappling skills, Tracy finally manages to get Isis down on the mat, where the Hawaiian hopes to neutralize her opponent's great power. But now it's the towering Floridian who demonstrates that she knows something about wrestling as well, as she expertly makes her escape. You can see the look of concern tinged with fear across Taylor's face, as she realizes her Amazonian adversary has plenty of ring skills on top of her tremendous strength. For the first time in the match, it must really be dawning on the Champ that she could lose this battle, and the belt.

The action eventually spills out of the ring, where Isis mercilessly slams Tracy into the steel steps before throwing her back into the squared circle. There, the giantess hangs the embattled Champ in the Tree of Woe, administering some stomps to Tracy's taut abs before taking her by the hair and dragging her back down to the canvas!

It takes everything Taylor has left in her... from Flying Dropkicks and Hammerlocks to face kicks and a Flying Cross Bodysplash from the top rope... to keep the Island Girl in the fight against her colossal foe. But Isis isn't about to go down easily!

When this amazing match finally ends, both wrestlers receive well-earned ovations from the fans. And you'll want to give 'em a round of applause after viewing this one as well!

In addition to the match, you'll also see pre and post-match interviews with both women.

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Tracy vs Isis Tracy vs Isis Tracy vs Isis

Tracy vs Isis Tracy vs Isis Tracy vs Isis

Tracy vs Isis Tracy vs Isis Tracy vs Isis

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