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"Painfully Punished"


Painfully Punished

There are few wrestling women as powerful as the Brit Bombshell, Shelby Beach. Against so diminutive an opponent as Roxi or April one-on-one, it would be a brutal mismatch. So, looking to challenge herself, Shelby agrees to face both girls together in this special Handicap Match!

But while there may be strength in numbers, the raw power of Shelby is not to be underestimated, as evidenced in the opening moments of the match: the blond accommodatingly drops to one knee in order to take on both of her adversaries in dual tests of strength... and Beach easily tosses them onto their backsides on the mat!

Realizing they haven't got a prayer if they fight Shelby on her own terms, Roxi and April instead rely on their speed, skill and agility to take the big blond down. However, although they've proven that they can function well as a team, there's no forgetting the fact that April and Roxi HATE one another, and neither girl is about to let her partner/rival be the one to score the match-winning pin over Beach. That leads to squabbling between the two, which Shelby wisely takes advantage of often.

Pippa L'Vinn, serving as the referee, has her hands full with this one! Has Shelby taken on too big of a challenge this time, or is even the combined might of Roxi and April unequal to the task? Get this great match today and discover for yourself!

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Painfully Punished Painfully Punished Painfully Punished

Painfully Punished Painfully Punished Painfully Punished

Painfully Punished Painfully Punished Painfully Punished

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