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"Never Surrender"

Specially shot for the PGWA!


European ring action, exclusively for PGWA fans! Germany's Simone faces a new challenge in British grappler Hailee.

Although Simone is the larger of the two, Hailee is a powerhouse in her own right, and she's not afraid to take the fight right to the Baroness. Right from the start, it's clear that Simone has continued to grow tremendously as a wrestler, under the tutelage of Pippa L'Vinn, and she takes quick control of the match with an Armlock. But when Hailee just as expertly manages to reverse it, it becomes plain to Simone... and the viewers... that this is going to be a terrific contest of skills between two determined warriors!

And while one might expect a pupil of the wily L'Vinn to be the rulebreaker in a match, it's Hailee who reaches into her bag of dirty tricks first with some hairpulling... and with no referee in this match, there's no one to stop her. But don't start thinking poor Simone is going to be helpless... some forearm smashes to her opponent's face aren't exactly angemessenes spiel, after all!

Boot stomps, closed fist punches and choking are characteristic of this fight, but there's also plenty of technical maneuvers as the two women amply demonstrate their grappling abilities. But as much as each of them suffers, they stubbornly refuse to submit. The battle only ends when one wrestler falls prey to a savage attack, culminating in a devastating bodysplash in the corner that leaves the victim unconscious!

Our European ladies never fail to entertain and excite in the ring, and this match is no exception. Don't miss it!

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Simone vs Hailee Simone vs Hailee Simone vs Hailee

Simone vs Hailee Simone vs Hailee Simone vs Hailee

Simone vs Hailee Simone vs Hailee Simone vs Hailee

Simone vs Hailee Simone vs Hailee Simone vs Hailee