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Mask vs Mask

Sara Stock vs Princess Sugey

in Sara's own words...

Stock vs Sugey

"I fought a woman named Princess Sugey in what has been one of the biggest matches of my career. I wish I could also say it was one of my biggest victories."

It was a hard-fought battle indeed, and I have the scars to prove it! I started off strong and thought I had the first fall, but after Sugey ducked a kick to the head, she capitalized on my vulnerable position and went for a devastating hold where she twisted up my legs in something called a Cruce.

With both of us tired from the first fall, she threw me outside of the ring and grabbed a beer bottle and broke it over a chair, then sliced me open with it! I was bleeding profusely and my energy was draining quickly. Although she dominated much of the second fall, I knew that if I didn`t make a move, she would pin me again and win the match in two falls, and there was no way I was going to let that happen! I managed to pull off a Texas Cloverleaf that took every bit of my strength to make her submit. It was definitely sweet to hear her surrender.

The third fall started with a sense of renewed energy after my win in the second. I repaid the favor of the beer bottle by busting her open with a neon tube, her mask turning red from the blood. With the playing field evened out somewhat, we had a very exciting third fall full of close calls, and nobody was sure who would come out on top. In the end, I hate to say it, it was Sugey who got the victory with a Mecedora.

I found myself full of emotion after the final bell was rung. I had fought the hardest match of my career and my identity was to be revealed. But I have to say that I cannot imagine losing my mask to a more worthy opponent. Sugey has earned my respect with her dedication, knowledge, will, endurance, and love of wrestling. I feel no shame in losing to her, as I fought my hardest against one of the best wrestlers I have ever faced. I look forward to the day I can take her on again. I know what to expect the next time and will be training hard in the meantime to ensure a victory.

After having such an intense rivalry with her for months now, I feel sure that she truly deserves the LLF Juvenile title she took from me. However, I will be focusing on all aspects of my training to be ready for her if the opportunity comes up for me to challenge her for the belt again. And I'll win that belt! Wait till next time!"

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