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Tasha Simone vs MsChif

Nashville, January 26, 2007

Fans in Nashville on Friday, January the 26th witnessed a real first for pro wrestling... namely, the first time ever Tasha Simone and MsChif have met in the ring! These two hellions had engaged in a war of words online prior to fight night, and now they were ready and willing to back up their threats!

With the bell, MsChif unleashes one of her patented bloodcurdling screams, but Tasha is unfazed, and she answers with a head butt! MsChif arm bars the redhead, but Simone takes her into a head scissors followed by figure fouring her legs in a quasi-surfboard move. Showing tremendous strength, MsChif manages to power out, but she is halted in her tracks by a gouge to the eyes.

These two attacked each other relentlessly, and each demonstrated more than a little ingenuity, such as when MsChif managed to get to her feet, transforming the body scissors she was suffering into crippling Boston crab that forced Tasha to grab for the ropes to break. Or when Simone is able to head scissor her opponent while hanging upside down over the top rope!

Not surprisingly, the action quickly made its way outside of the ring, where the two wrestlers mixed good old fashioned brawling with expert scientific wrestling, including such holds as chicken wings and X-Factors. At one point, frustrated at being unable to pin her opponent and tired of MsChif's incessant screaming, Tasha lets loose with an ear-splitting scream of her own, just to see if MsChif likes it for a change!

As they battle grew more heated, the room itself couldn't contain them, and they soon found themselves slugging it out through the doorway and into the lobby of the Stadium Inn!

Eventually finding themselves back into the ring, the action blazes to a fever pitch as the match nears the twenty minute mark: Tasha camel clutches MsChif in the ropes, but the self-professed "Soul's Tormentor" manages to pull free, and after a Shooting Star Press, she covers Simone for a two count. Tasha retaliates with a drop toehold, then a few more head butts to soften her adversary up, before she goes to finish her with a Cattle Mutilation. When that fails, the two wrestlers scuffle, with each futilely trying to pin the other. Simultaneous clotheslines drop both for a count of five, while dual back elbow blows put each down for seven.

Finally, clearly exhausted and running on fumes, Tasha sets MsChif up for a Pumphandle Slam, but apparently can't muster the power for it. However, she is able to execute a Tombstone, and that's good enough to secure the pin!

Clearly, this was a tremendous match between two stellar competitors. And as an added bonus of sorts, a surprise guest was in the crowd that night... none other than the legendary Debbie Combs ! Debbie had not been to a live wrestling event since 2000, but she had heard so much about the brewing feud between Tasha and MsChif, she said she just had to come and see this match for herself!

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Tasha vs MsChif Tasha vs MsChif Tasha vs MsChif

Tasha vs MsChif Tasha vs MsChif Tasha vs MsChif

Tasha vs MsChif Tasha vs MsChif Tasha vs MsChif

Tasha vs MsChif Tasha vs MsChif Tasha vs MsChif

Tasha vs MsChif Tasha vs MsChif Tasha vs MsChif

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