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Pippa L'Vinn vs Roxi

The video opens with a very determined Pippa L'Vinn lacing up her boots, and vowing to beat her opponent, and that "this will be a day she never forgets!" In her own pre-match comments, Roxi promises, "I've got a few tricks up my sleeve, and I think I'm going to surprise her today."

Diminutive dynamo Roxi isn't the least bit intimidated by her opponent's size, experience of swagger, and within moments of the start of this best of 5 falls submission-only match, she has L'Vinn on her knees! But Pippa is too wily to be taken out of the fight so quickly, and she deftly reverses, and thus the struggle is on between these two superbly skilled technicians.

They don't just work the limbs in this one...there are plenty of flips, slams and even fists. And, of course, it wouldn't be a Pippa L'Vinn match if she didn't try and bend the rules to suit her. But Roxi remains undaunted, and when she has the upper hand...such as when she snares her adversary in a crushing headscissors...she really punishes Pippa!

Throughout, L'Vinn seeks to bully Roxi with both words and deeds, perhaps best exemplified when she pins the stunned battler to the mat and holds her down, taunting her with the fact that pins don't count, only submissions...but that she could pin Roxi at her leisure anytime she wanted to. Shortly thereafter, Pippa draws a submission with a unique kneelock that quickly has Roxi slapping the mat in pain.

But a limping Roxi comes out strong in the next fall, angry and determined to teach the veteran a lesson or two. And in barely two minutes, she drives L'Vinn to a desperate submission with a stunning arm and leglock combo!

For the third round, both beauties throw caution to the wind and tear into each other! At one point, it looks like the end for Roxi when Pippa traps her in the ropes and drives brutal (and illegal) punches into her midsection. Yet amazingly, the Tiny Titan springs back moments later with vicious stomps to the downed L'Vinn's inner thighs!

Back and forth they battle, until ultimately, one wrestler can no longer withstand the punishment, and she surrenders the match.

If you're a fan of either Pippa or Roxi, watch this one, and we're certain you'll come away awestruck by both of them!

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Pippa vs Roxi Pippa vs Roxi Pippa vs Roxi

Pippa vs Roxi Pippa vs Roxi Pippa vs Roxi

Pippa vs Roxi Pippa vs Roxi Pippa vs Roxi

Pippa vs Roxi Pippa vs Roxi Pippa vs Roxi

Pippa vs Roxi Pippa vs Roxi Pippa vs Roxi

Pippa vs Roxi Pippa vs Roxi

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