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Justice For All Match 2

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"Justice For All" Match 2

Pippa L'Vinn & The Baroness Simone vs Shelby Beach & Lucy Claydon

The wheels of justice grind slow, but exceedingly fine....

Unhappy at her treatment at the hands of Pippa L'Vinn and the Baroness Simone in the recent "Justice For All" Three Way Dance, Shelby challenges the dastardly duo to a tag team match, and then brings in as her partner a genuine wildcard...Lucy Claydon. Many British fans know Lucy as not only an exceptionally adept and powerful pro, but also as a former amateur grappling champion. In short, the young blond has both the skills to give Pippa a run as a technician, and the strength to go toe-to-toe with Simone! As a team Shelby and Lucy promise to be more than a little formidable.

Realizing the threat posed by their opponents in this Submission Only battle, Pippa and Simone quickly dispense with the rulebook, keeping their adversaries off-balance with all manner of underhanded tactics. But Beach has long experience in dealing with L'Vinn's wicked ways, and Claydon knows a thing or two about handling rulebreakers as well, and before long the heroines have the villains reeling.

The tide shifts back and forth between both teams until one wrestler forces her opponent to tap out. Will Shelby find justice for the earlier attack she suffered, or will Pippa and Simone continue to pervert justice in pursuit of their sinister schemes? Download this action-packed match today and learn the answer!

PLUS...included is an exclusive interview with Lucy Claydon!

34 minutes | 193 megs | 640x480 | 1,200 kbps | Just 24.95  18.95!

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Justice 2 Justice 2 Justice 2

Justice 2 Justice 2 Justice 2

Justice 2 Justice 2 Justice 2

Justice 2 Justice 2 Justice 2

Also available on DVD HERE