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Justice For All Match 2

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Justice For All Match 1

Pippa L'Vinn vs The Baroness Simone vs Shelby Beach

Sometimes there’s justice for all…and sometimes there’s just no justice at all. Which case will prove true for this raucous Three Way Dance?

One has to admire Shelby Beach. After all, it takes a great deal of courage to step into the ring against not only her greatest nemesis, Pippa L'Vinn, but also Pippa’s protege, the brutally powerful Baroness Simone. But Beach also knows L'Vinn, and she knows the former PGWA Champ can’t stand to share the spotlight with anyone, even her pupil. That means Pippa will be fighting against Simone as often as she will be against Shelby, and that's just what the British Blonde Bombshell is counting on!

In a match such as this, alliances are made and broken in the span of seconds, as the three wrestlers try to force a submission from one of their opponents. Shelby and Simone are power personified, and Pippa has the edge in speed and agility... plus, as expected, L'Vinn is ever-ready to employ whatever underhanded tactic she can think of to gain the advantage. Poor Simone seems literally shellshocked at times by how savagely her respected mentor tears into her. But there are also moments when Pippa and Simone doubleteam Beach with expert precision. And when the German and Shelby team up to work over Pippa, it's all the brunette can do to keep from screaming her surrender!

The action grows wilder with every passing minute, until the match literally spins out of control, and one wrestler is in danger of being seriously injured by her rivals!

When the dust settles, one thing's for sure... at least one of these beautiful brawlers will be moaning that there's no justice in this world!

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