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Columbia Clash 4

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NIKKI ROXX vs MSCHIF (PGWA Championship Match)

Columbia Clash 4

This is a PGWA title match that is announced as No Holds Barred, and Falls Count Anywhere. MsChif gets some screaming out of the way, then they work each other's arms. MsChif chops Nikki in the corner, slings her across, then wheelbarrows into a rollup for 2. MsChif gets a headscissors but Nikki pops out, clotheslining and dropkicking. Nikki with a backbreaker, but holds it and bends MsChif backward over her knee. MsChif raises a leg and knees Nikki in the head.

Both head out to the floor, where a chopfest ensues. The slug it out, then MsChif throws Nikki into the second row of chairs. Nikki on the floor face down, as MsChif grabs a chair and does a sharpshooter with placing the chair between her and Nikki. MsChif covers Nikki but only for 2. Nikki back up and slings MsChif into a wall, then chokes MsChif with her boot. Nikki slams MsChif's head into a table, covers her for 2, then smashes several handy soda cans across MsChif's head. MsChif drop toeholds Nikki into a ladder that is laying against the wall, then chokes Nikki with the security rope, and pops her upside the head with the title belt.

Nikki reverse whips MsChif into a section of chairs, wiping them out. Nikki grabs a headlock but MsChif shoves her at a trash can. They trade forarms, and take turns covering each other on the floor. Nikki stomps MsChif, who retaliates with an eyepoke of doom. MsChif sets Nikki on the back of a chair and bends her backwards. Nikki hits a straight right and MsChif wipes out some more chairs.

Nikki pulls MsChif back into the ring, but MsChif rams her into the turnbuckles, then doublestomps her between the shoulderblades. MsChif with a standing moonsault for 2, then Nikki up and bridges MsChif for a cover for 2. Nikki grabs MsChif into her new finisher, “The Finish,” and hits it for the pin in 18:00.

After the match, MsChif spits green mist in Nikki's face, blinding the champ and ruining her moment of glory.

Both women are interviewed after the match.

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