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Double Trouble 1

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'Nashville Double Trouble'

Match 1

Susan Morton vs Maria Montana

Maria Montana stepped into the ring in Nashville to face Susan Morton. At stake was the 'PGWA International Championship Belt'. Morton is the current titleholder and Maria would like to win the strap to show that her comeback to the ring wars is well underway...

Jimmie Daniel was at ringside and reported:
Susan is defending what is now called the PGWA International Title. After some intitial circling interrupted by Susan taking exception to fan remarks about her outfit (which has a snakeskin look to it) and how she fills it out.
Maria takes Susan down to the mat in a headlock and holds it while Susan complains to ref Boogie about hairpulling. Susan then pulls Maria's hair into a headscissors, but Maria rolls over and on Susan, covering her for a quick 2 count. Susan rolls out ot the floor and complains as a "Susan is a chicken" chant echoes through the crowd. Maria gets a drop toehold and tries a surfboard-style manuever by folding Susan's legs and pulling back on her arms. Maria pulls Susan to the center of the ring and tries a cloverleaf, while Susan keeps complaining to the ref. Maria breaks the hold and goes to a full nelson with a body scissors. Maria rocks Susan back and forth in the hold causing her to scream in pain. Susan finally is able to make the ropes and after the hold is broken, she rolls back out to the floor and stays out there for a bit. Susan runs back in, hits Maria from behind, and starts choking her in the ropes in various fashions while ref Boogie is distracted by the fans yelling at him. Susan clotheslines Maria, then chokes her with a boot while pointing out some unruly children in the crowd. Susan gets a headlock, then bites Maria while Boogie looks away. Maria gets up, kicks Susan, then hairtosses her through the ropes. Susan comes back in, kicks Maria in the ribs, then stands on her hair. They exchange chops, then Maria drops some elbows and goes for a submission hold, but Susan makes the ropes and rolls back out. Back in, Susan chokes Maria in the ropes some more, but as she tries to throw a punch, Maria grabs her hand and applies a wristlock. Maria goes into a hammerlock and rolls Susan up for a 2 count. Susan gets up, hits some kicks, then an eyepoke. Susan hits a bulldog on Maria and covers for the pin in 16 minutes.

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Morton vs Montana Morton vs Montana Morton vs Montana

Morton vs Montana Morton vs Montana Morton vs Montana

Morton vs Montana Morton vs Montana Morton vs Montana

Morton vs Montana Morton vs Montana Morton vs Montana

Morton vs Montana Morton vs Montana