Tracy Taylor isn't only a highly successful wrestler... she has now begun successfully performing as a fitness competitor! She recently took part in the 2007 NPC Hawaiian Islands Competition, and Tracy, being a native Hawaiian, wasn't about to let this event pass without taking part. And LadySports Online has Tracy's own report of the competition!

Hi LadySports fans!

My competitive involvement started just this year. I mean, I have always been into fitness, being a cardio kickboxing, Pilates, and spinning instructor. I played sports in high school, and I even played college volleyball; I was in Class "B"... they went by height, and I was in the middle height class.

This was an NPC show called the Schwarzenegger/Kawashima Productions Hawaiian Islands Bodybuilding and Figure Championships. Ronnie Colmen and Jay Cutler were the guests posers, and Tia Carrere was present. I placed Third in my class; there were twelve girls total.

I trained for a month and a half, which is not very long at all. I plan on doing another show, and hopefully taking first! This is my future goal for this sport.

I still plan on wrestling. I just have to take care of some things here on the islands, and then I will be heading back to the ring. I'm not sure on an exact date, but hopefully it will be soon.

I hope all is well with the PGWA, and I want to tell the fans that I thank them for following me on my journey on the islands. Much Mahalo to everyone and Aloha!


Tracy Taylor

Tracy Taylor

Tracy Taylor