LadySports ::: ROXX ROCKED


by Migrejok & Shiai Mata

American grappler Nikki Roxx has enjoyed some towering successes since she first ventured down to Mexico's Lucha Libre Femenil several months ago, including a title run with Diana la Cazadora as the LLF Tag Team Champions. Inevitably, however, all good things must come to an end.

And for Nikki, the bad times wear a mask.

The mysterious woman known only as Arianna likewise debuted in LLF in recent months. But after an impressive start, she suddenly disappeared from the Mexican rings. Rumor had it that she returned to her native Portugal, but nothing official was heard about her...until last week, when she suddenly appeared in Monterrey and demanded a match with none other than Nikki Roxx. For reasons known only to her, Arianna seems to be holding a grudge against the blonde, and behind that mask was a woman intent on settling some uncertain score with the wrestler whom the Mexican fans cheerfully call "Gringa."

Their confrontation was held on Sunday, October 17 at the Arena Coliseo de Monterrey, but this was no ordinary was a "Bull Terrier Match," in which the winner is determined only after one woman can touch all four corners of the ring in quick succession. With pinfalls meaningless in this battle, the two wrestlers fought to overpower one another, unleashing punches, kicks, slams and any other power move they could think of, putting themselves through as brutal a brawl as the LLF fans have seen in a while!

And while she fought well and hard, fate simply wasn't smiling on Roxx this day, as it was Arianna who finally managed to drag her rival to each corner for the turnbuckle tag, leaving the bloodied Nikki beaten.

And as if this loss wasn't bad enough, less than 48 hours earlier, Nikki and Diana lost their tag belts to Princess Sugey and Polly Star in what was the second consecutive defeat which the rudas delivered to Roxx and la Cazadora (having beaten them the previous week as part of a Six Woman Tag Match). There is no word yet as to whether the former champions will request a rematch, or if perhaps this stunning loss will split the team of Nikki Roxx and Diana la Cazadora, perhaps for good.

All in all, a most unhappy weekend for Nikki Roxx in Mexico.