LadySports ::: Roxx/Lufisto

Nikki Roxx Has Issues with LuFisto

"I'll get revenge....sometime, somewhere!"

They say that Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck. Well, this past Friday the 13th it rang true for me! While I was on my tour of Mexico, a wrestler I have never met before made an appearance in the LLF. Indeed, she is LLF's Xtreme Champion...none other than the female wrestler known mostly for her crazy and extreme wrestling style: LuFisto!

Now, let me give you a little bit of background info before I actually jump straight to the 13th. The Sunday before, I was scheduled for a Six Woman Match at Arena Solidaridad. My tag partners were Diana la Cazadora and (of course!) Ariel. Our opponents were Polly Star, La Bruja, and LuFisto. Now, while I have been well aware of her successful career, I have never been in contact with LuFisto...this was our first encounter. I wasn't worried though, because I know Ariel can hang and so can Diana. I mean, Diana and I held the LLF tag team belts for a while there, and Ariel is the GLORY Wrestling Champ. I also know Ariel is a tough chick because we have had many hard-fought battles between us in the past! And because of these battles she earned my respect, and I'm glad that I have her on my side now!

Anyways, we are kicking some major A%$ in the match, and it comes down to Lufisto and me. Well, we exchange a couple of holds. The fans are on their feet trying to see who is going to win, and out of nowhere LuFisto hooks me in the Cross Face! I try to escape, but she got it on too good. I tap. :(

Well, now I knew she could beat me, but I also still believe I can beat her. You have to understand, after being beat I was so disappointed in myself that I had to try again. I figured the surest way to get her to accept a match is to demand she puts her Xtreme Championship on the line. So, I challenge her for her title. Now, extreme wrestling is entirely new to me, but I had to get her to agree to face me somehow, and I figured her pride wouldn't allow her to turn down my challenge for her title.

Good idea...except that it seems a few other ladies in the locker room had the same idea! LuFisto accepted my challenge all right...except now it was for a Five-Way Ladder Match! The other wrestlers joining LuFisto and I in the ring are are Polly Star, Luna Magica, and La Bruja...all of them tough women with plenty of extreme fighting experience. This is crazy! But it's too late to back out, and anyway, I'm not one to turn tail. At any rate, I was getting LuFisto back in the ring, which was the important thing to me.

So, I take a deep breath and knuckle up! The match starts and I try the think fast. I quickly drop kick La Bruja and LuFisto out of the ring. Next thing I know, I'm out of the ring too, but I'm still fighting! We're battling in the crowd, exchanging chops and punches; I even grabbed some fan's beer cooler and used it as a weapon! Then I get back in the ring, and I see the belt up there, just waiting for someone to grab it, and I figure, why not me? I try for the belt...I'm climbing...almost there! And Polly rips me off the ladder.

Now Polly Star and I are going at it, and LuFisto comes up behind me and they double team me! LuFisto slams me on the ladder, and Polly hits me with a Senton. I somehow end up outside the ring again battling with La Bruja, and LuFisto sneaks up behind us and hits both of us with glass florescent light bulbs! You wouldn't think that would hurt too bad, but you'd be wrong! That was it for me, that took the last of my steam. LuFisto put those glass bulbs to good work against all four of us, and she has a clear shot at the belt, which she grabs, thereby retaining her championship.

I could be angry, but I figure, you can't win 'em all. But, I tried like hell! Sure, LuFisto won this round, but this isn't the end of it between us. Maybe the next time our paths cross, we can have a match that is more to my liking....maybe a Submission Only Match, or a straight up regular wrestling match.

And when we do, things are going to end a whole lot differently for LuFisto!


Nikki : )