MAY 27 2023




The Professional Girl Wrestling Association (PGWA) announces that, as of this writing, 
the championship title match between the reigning Champion, Kasey Fox, and challenger 
Savannah Sweet, originally announced for the joint PGWA/NWF mega-event, "Revolution 
Rising II: Queens of the Midwest", scheduled for Saturday, May 27 in Covington, KY, 
is on hold.

Savannah Sweet was recently named as the 2023 Rookie of the Year.  With that award 
comes a guaranteed title match, and Sweet immediately claimed it, sending a letter 
of intent to challenge for the belt, followed shortly thereafter by signing the 
contract for the match.  In her letter, Sweet stated that she wanted the match to 
happen on May 27, and therefore the contract cited that date.

Meantime, Kasey Fox had agreed to accept the challenge, but when she received the 
contract, she noted the date, and immediately contacted PGWA Commissioner Susan Green, 
who explained, "Kasey told me that any other day of the year, she's ready, wiling, 
and able to fight Savannah Sweet for the belt.  But unfortunately, the 27th of May is 
the one day she cannot wrestle, due to another commitment which 
she is unable to alter."

In such circumstances of scheduling conflicts, which are not uncommon, the usual 
response is to reschedule the match for another day acceptable to both parties.  
However, when informed of this, Sweet said that any other date would be unacceptable 
to her.

Commissioner Green reports:  "Before the end of the business day, I had received a 
letter from an attorney representing Savannah.  He said that he had examined the contract, 
that she had lawfully signed it, and the contract stated that the match would be on May 
27th, then that therefore that date was legally binding."  

 "I turned it over to our own lawyers, who reported back to me that, indeed, Savannah 
had the legal right to demand that the match be held on that date.  I called her to 
see if we could reason this out, but all she told me was that if the match was not held
 on the 27th, she would file a lawsuit against the PGWA."

When asked to comment, Sweet instead referred her response to a spokesperson, who 
announced, "Savannah Sweet entered into this contract with honorable intentions, and 
fully expects the PGWA to act just as honorably.  She believes the PGWA is attempting to 
protect Kasey Fox, and will repeatedly throw up roadblocks to prevent that so-called 
champion from having to face Savannah in the ring for the belt.  Therefore, if Fox refuses 
to wrestle her on May 27th, then Savannah demands that she be stripped of the title, 
and that it be awarded automatically to the Number One Contender, Ms. Savannah Sweet."

The PGWA refutes this demand, and is at the present time examining its legal options.

More on this news will be announced as it develops

Championship Match May 27

Championship Match May 27

Championship Match May 27

Championship Match May 27