LadySports ::: Josie vs MsChif


Josie vs MsChif

by S Mata

On March 24th, a rather momentous match was held just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Under the NWA Midwest banner, NWA Midwest Ladies Champion Josie put her belt on the line against newly crowned NWA Ladies World Champion MsChif, who likewise made her own title a stake in the match. And as if this rare Crown versus Crown match wasn't enough, it was officiated by a woman who is no stranger (nor friend) to either MsChif or Josie... Mickie Knuckles!

The result was a wild battle of historic proportions!

Some verbal fireworks were launched even before the match began, as Josie couldn't resist taunting referee Mickie... who, incidentally, Josie had beaten for the Midwest title several months earlier. Perhaps mocking the woman set to officiate your match isn't the best tactical strategy, but Josie was feeling confident of victory, and so she razzed Knuckles about how heavy that strap of leather and gold felt, and how it color coordinated with her ring outfit for the evening. She also gave the ref some unsolicited advice on how to do her job, starting with making sure MsChif wasn't bringing any of her infamous green mist with her. Suffice it to say, Mickie wasn't overly pleased with this steady stream of taunts.

Indeed, Knuckles was so peeved by Josie, that when the bell rang, she started circling with the other two in a combat position, as if it were now a Three Way Dance! Josie ordered her to just stick to her job, again tempting fate with her impertinence.

MsChif and Josie locked up, and the two traded headlocks. Josie got the upper hand by suddenly shifting to a waistlock, followed by a clothesline that put "Your Soul's Tormentor" flat on her back and ripe for the pin, which Josie went for. But it was too early in the battle for a pinfall to end things, and MsChif kicked out easily.

Looking to maintain her control, Josie picked her opponent back up and snared her in a headlock. As she was grinding away, the special referee got in good and close to make certain it wasn't a choke, and MsChif suddenly wrapped her up in a headlock of her own! Suddenly forgetting her role in the drama, Mickie began to shout, "Ref... ref!" looking for the official to set her free! Still forgetting her duty as the official, Knuckles escaped the hold and then put MsChif into a headlock, all while the NWA World Champ was still in Josie's headlock! Mickie then suddenly remembered that she was the referee, and she released her hold.

Anxious to turn things around and launch her own offensive, MsChif delivers a few potent shots to Josie's breadbasket, breaking the headlock, and she quickly puts her adversary down on the canvas with a schoolboy pin. However... fortuitously for Josie... Mickie steadfastly refuses to count the pin, on account of MsChif having headlocked her. MsChif jumped to her feet to argue the point, allowing Josie to get up, sneak up behind her foe, wait for her to turn back toward her, and then blasting her with a huge forearm smash that sent MsChif reeling into the turnbuckle!

The arena echoed from the chops that Josie then delivered to her opponent, but she suddenly found herself reversed and on the receiving end from some big chops instead. Mickie instructed MsChif to get Josie out of the corner, and even counted to five, but all that resulted in was MsChif unleashing one of her patented ear-piercing screams right into the ref's face. MsChif then went for another big chop, but Knuckles pulled Josie out of the way, telling MsChif she had better start respecting the zebra stripes if she wanted to avoid being disqualified.

Thanks to Mickie's distraction, Josie managed to again sneak up on MsChif, nailing her with more chops and forearms. A bulldog then set her up for another pin, but Josie only managed to get a two count. MsChif then retaliated with a couple of forearm smashes of her own, then targeted her foe for a running forearm, but Josie was able to duck it at the last instant.

Unfortunately for the special referee, that left her in the line of fire. Luckily, MsChif manages to halt herself mere inches from nailing Mickie; unluckily, as Josie struck with her own running forearm, MsChif ducked it, and it was Mickie who took the full force of the blow!

Not surprisingly, Knuckles was more than a little irate, and she verbally erupted at Josie, who didn't hesitate to argue right back at her. That was all the distraction MsChif needed to slip up behind her adversary and set her up for a suplex. Still smarting from the forearm, Mickie decided to give MsChif a hand, and helped her raise her rival up into the air. Slammed hard to the mat, Josie got no respite as MsChif connected with a few blows to the head, then hauled her opponent up. Josie managed to struggle back with a forearm smash, but a follow-up was caught by her intended target, and MsChif swiftly had Josie caught in a complex submission hold that twisted the NWA Midwest Champ's body in painfully unnatural ways!

Mickie decided to make MsChif release the hold. Surly but complying, MsChif lifted Josie up for a bodyslam, but Josie managed to slip out and behind her, turned her around, and stunned her with a flatliner. That resulted in another kickout from a pin attempt. Josie then attempted a bodyslam of her own, but MsChif managed to slip out of that, and she nails her rival with a backbreaker. Josie kicks out of the pin that follows, but suddenly finds herself subjected to a lionsault. With some difficulty, Josie is able to kick out.

Back on their feet, Josie sends a boot into her adversary's stomach, then hits her with a powerbomb. MsChif was badly stunned and probably down for a ten count... except that instead of counting, Mickie simply let out a huge yawn, indicating how incredibly bored she was by the action. Deciding she was the winner despite the official pronouncement, Josie got up and retrieved her NWA Midwest belt. She gives it a kiss and then aims it for contact with MsChif's forehead. Yet, before she could deliver that potentially concussion-instilling blow, Josie finds Mickie grabbing the end of the strap. What ensues is almost comical, as the two arch-rivals engage in a literal tug-of-war with the belt! Unexpectedly, Knuckles suddenly lets go, and the resulting momentum causes the metal faceplate of the belt to smash into Josie's face right between the eyes!

Now sufficiently recovered, MsChif hits her dazed foe with her "Desecrator" finisher, leaving Josie barely conscious, and suddenly Mickie is more than happy to slap her hand to the mat for the count. Three seconds later, MsChif is now the first wrestler in history to hold both the MWA Midwest and Women's World titles!

After declaring her the winner, Mickie tells MsChif that she "owes" her for having "helped" MsChif win. The response comes in a cloud of green mist, painfully blinding the official!

An exciting match, to be sure. And one's things for certain... the struggle for gold between these three rivals isn't going to end anytime soon! And with any luck, we'll be seeing all three of them back in the PGWA ring soon as well! 

pics courtesy of the respective ladies websites