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Explosion in Nashville!

Madison Enters the Arena Leilani Kai, famed champion wrestler, and a woman who has held virtually every ladies title of note in North America (and several in Japan), has just added another, this perhaps being the most prestigious of all...the National Wrestling Alliance World Women's Championship!

LaiLani Kai This historic victory was featured on syndicated TV as part of the NWA Explosion series.

Kai defeated a Canadian wrestler named Madison for the belt. Madison held the title for some eight months before losing it to the Living Legend this past week.

The crafty Kai throws Madison into the ropes Going into the match, Madison was the clear favorite of the fans. As Leilani walked down the ramp, the thousands in attendance booed and jeered her. Her reputation as one of the most vicious rulebreakers in the sport is no secret to anyone who follows wrestling. This, after all, was the woman who had stripped the beloved Wendi Richter of her WWF belt, and who had only recently connived the PGWA title away from Lexie Fyfe. And the Hawaiian is also the wrestler who had taught the Fabulous Moolah a thing or two about cheating!

And you could literally feel the electricity in the air as the fans waited for Kai's opponent...! As Madison entered the arena, there was a thunderous burst of cheering! This youthful blonde with the girl next door look...but with the athletic prowess of a true champion...had won over the fans, and they were squarely in her corner going into this titanic match-up.

Kai Kicks Out But perhaps it was that ovation from the fans which led the champ to be overconfident, because she evidenced no fear as she entered the ring...and any veteran wrestler will tell you that the woman who doesn't fear Leilani Kai is the woman who will lose. Adding to Madison's sense of supreme confidence was the fact that, earlier in the week, she had won against Kai as they wrestled for Mike Porter's NWA Main Event organization in Nashville, Tennessee; and Madison also beat Leilani Kai one day later in a GrudgeMatch challenge for the Professional Girl Wrestling Association out of North Carolina. Leilani was beside herself over these losses, but Kai sometimes can get overconfident herself and careless. The NWA champ certainly believed she now had the Hawaiian's number. Unfortunately for Madison, the young Canadian was wrong. Beating Kai once is impressive, twice is phenomenal. But NO ONE beats Leilani Kai three times in a row!

Madison Misses At a time in her career when most of her peers are slowing down, Kai is working harder than ever! In 2000, she was named to the NWA Hall of Fame, a rare distinction for a competitor who is still working full-time in the ring. In 2001, she was awarded the first-ever Penny Banner Spirit of Excellence Award. And in 2002, she won the PGWA title at a historic all-women's card in Branson, Missouri. She also continues to tour across North America and around the world, having recently trailblazed women's matches in the Middle East. The Hawaiian pledges to defend her new title in NWA rings across the globe in the days ahead.

Kai goes for the pin The NWA title is the most prestigious women's championship in all of wrestling. It was first established in 1937, when the Alliance recognized Mildred Burke as champion. Subsequent titleholders include June Byers, Penny Banner, and Moolah. Leilani Kai, hailed worldwide as one of the greatest modern practitioners of "Old School" wrestling, promises to bring the championship into the 21st Century without forgetting the foundation that makes true women's wrestling so exciting!

Meet the new boss...same as the old boss! Congratulations to NWA Women's World Champion Leilani, more than ever, the true First Lady of Professional Wrestling!

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Photos by Special Events, used with permission of TNA Wrestling.