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Video #78 'Ring Rivalry' L-9

Kameo vs Persephone

Persephone vs Kameo

Talk about a perfect title! These two had been warring across the East Coast for months, and it all comes to a head on this tape, which features not one, but two matches.

Persephone and Kameo (still known as Miss Lilly at the time) battle before a live crowd. Control shifts and back and forth between the two, until it seems as if Kameo has decided to end this feud once and for all... and end her rival's career... by crippling her leg! Both beauties are left hurting after this brawl, and both are anxious for a GrudgeMatch to settle matters for good.

The next day, still aching from the night before, they come together in the PGWA ring for a titanic one fall confrontation with nothing held back! The brunette unleashes many of the underhanded tricks she's infamous for, but this time, the blonde decides to fight fire with fire! But there are plenty of scientific moves in this match as well, from a Crucifix Scissors to Flying Clotheslines, and everything in between!

Ultimately, a complex... and devastating... Crossface Bodyscissors drives one wrestler to the edge of unconsciousness, forcing her to tap out to escape the agonizing pain.

Judging by the intensity of these battles, this rivalry may be far from finished. But come what may, it's doubtful these two women will ever have such magnificent back-to-back brawls as these again! Don't miss this one!

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